Higashiyama Noriyuki praises Ikuta Toma at “Genji Monogatari” event

On September 25th, Higashiyama Noriyuki, Ikuta Toma, Nakatani Miki, and Tabe Mikako attended an event for their movie, “Genji Monogatari -Sennen no Nazo-“, at Roppongi Hills Arena.

In 1991, Higashiyama played the role of ‘Hikaru Genji’ in the drama, “Genji Monogatari“. He praised Ikuta, who plays ‘Hikaru Genji’ in the movie, by saying, “I am a little bitter, but I am happy. I think this became the work that will represent Toma.” Then he commented on Ikuta’s purple attire with, “He is becoming a man who matches in ‘purple’. I am happy about that too.”

The movie is a history entertainment film that is based on Murasaki Shikibu’s “Genji Monogatari”. Set in the Heian Dynasty, it portrays the love stories of ‘Hikaru Genji’ and author Murasaki Shikibu at the same time.

While Higashiyama revealed, “At first, I honestly thought, ‘Oh, Toma is Hikaru Genji’,” but he was attracted to Ikuta’s ‘Hikaru Genji’ after watching the film. He smiled as he said, “Not only is this Toma’s representative work, it has become mine.” Meanwhile, Ikuta said, “I’m honored,” in response to his senpai’s compliments.

Nakatani, who plays the role of ‘Murasaki Shikibu’ commented, “When I saw Ikuta-san’s Hikaru Genji, it was as if he had a noble and beautiful aura since he was born. I will never forget that scene.” Meanwhile, Tabe, whose character falls in love with Hikaru Genji, expressed, “I’m very touched to meet Nakatani-san and Higashiyama-san, who I didn’t get to shoot with.”

In the movie, Higashiyama plays ‘Fujiwara no Michinaga’. “When I saw the script at the office, I thought, ‘Hikaru Genji at this age?’, but it turned out to be Toma,” he shared, then enthusiastically stated, “Michinaga has an image that is played by a older senpai, so it’s my turn to play that role. I will do my best to assist Toma.”

The cast appeared at the event, while walking down a purple carpet. Ikuta commented, “This was my first time walking down a carpet, so it became a good experience,” and shook hands with 1,000 women who gathered at the event.

“Genji Monogatari -Sennen no Nazo-” will hit theatres on December 10th.

Source : tokyohive

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