Travel: Christmas illuminations light up by Toma Ikuta


Johnny’s actor Toma Ikuta and actress Miki Nakatani light up this year’s Christmas illuminations in Tokyo Midtown on November 15, reports The TV.

The two are co-stars in the upcoming film “源氏物語 千年の謎 (Genji-monogatari Sen-nen no Nazo)”, and last night opened up a Japanese fan acting as a switch to light up more than 570,000 LED lights, which make up the Starlight Garden, the six metre tall Christmas tree, and a giant Santa Claus boot ornament.

It has been reported this was the first time Ikuta had visited Tokyo Midtown’s Christmas illuminations, and the Johnny’s talent had looked excited to be there.

“Everything around just became so pretty, for a split moment I thought about asking Nakatani-san out (laughs),” Ikuta said before his co-star answered with, “you’re asking the wrong girl”.

Ikuta finished by saying what he thought the highlight of the illuminations are.

“I think these Christmas illuminations have been made to make each and every visitor feel special, and maybe even help them say that special something to the person they’re in love with,” he said.

What: MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2011 is the annual Christmas illuminations (include the blue starlight garden, 6m high Christmas tree, giant Santa Claus boot ornament)

Where: Tokyo Midtown. For link to their English website, click here. Otherwise get off at Roppongi Station on the subway (or Nogizaka station or Roppongi Icchome station, followed by a short walk) and it’s right there.

When: November 15 – December 25, 17:00 – 23:00

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